10 Natural Remedies For Better Sleep

Natural Remedies For Better Sleep

As our modern world progresses, we also get busier and more stressed leading to sleep deprivation. There are several causes of insomnia and other sleep problems. To have better quality sleep, many people turn to medication such as sedatives and tranquilizers. However, there are healthier alternatives that don’t produce side effects.

Best Natural Remedies For Sleep

1. Use lavender essential oil

The therapeutic effects of essential oils like lavender are well-known. Lavender not only uplifts your mood, it also helps your mind and body relax and unwind, allowing you to fall asleep more quickly. Place some lavender in a vaporizer inside your bedroom or keep a sachet of lavender scent beneath your pillow.

2. Try catnip tea

A useful herb that can help induce drowsiness, in humans, that is, is catnip. This fragrant plant aids in easing your body to sleep. Stir a couple of teaspoons of catnip leaves into a cup of boiling water and let it soak for a few minutes. You may sweeten your drink with some honey.

3. Get enough magnesium

Magnesium is often underappreciated as a mineral and as a result, many of us are magnesium-deficient. However, it’s one of the vital minerals needed for helping to relax the nerves and keep the nervous system in balance, which in turn, prepares the body for sleep. Take magnesium supplements or eat more foods high in magnesium like bananas.

4. Supplement with valerian

Another herb utilized in soothing the body and senses is valerian. It’s been used as well as a natural treatment for anxiety and depression. Some people drink valerian tea from valerian leaves immersed in hot water but others prefer to take supplements because of its strong aroma.

5. Avoid using gadgets at bedtime and in the bedroom

Studies show that the light coming from the TV, smartphone, laptop and other technological devices interrupts our sleep cycle and affect our body’s production of the sleep hormone. To create an environment conducive to improved sleep quality, don’t use your phone and other gadgets inside the bedroom.

6. Drink chamomile tea

One of the most popular natural sleep aids is chamomile tea. This is because chamomile has a tranquilizing effect on the body. It lulls the body into a state of sleepiness. People also choose chamomile over other herbs and oils because of its mild fragrance and pleasant flavor.

7. Get some exercise during the day

For some people, their best time to exercise is during the day and not before sleeping as they get too keyed up to sleep. For others, they fall asleep faster when tired after a workout. Regardless, regular exercise keeps your body generally healthy and promotes better quality sleep.

8. Establish a bedtime routine

Form good habits so that your body gets used to sleeping at a certain schedule. Take a shower, drink your favorite tea, and meditate or pray. These are all behaviors that will help your body wind down at the end of the day and allow it to expect sleep.

9. Cut down on caffeine

If you frequently drink too much caffeine or alcohol or eat too many sugary snacks at night, these substances can disrupt the balance in your body. It’s time to minimize consuming these drinks and sweets in order to improve your health.

10. Keep the bedroom cool

A bedroom with a higher temperature will keep its occupants feeling hot and uncomfortable. The body generates less melatonin, the hormone for sleep, when it’s too hot so make sure that your room is cool or well-ventilated.