CPAP Hire & Rental Plans

We are fully committed to helping you get a better night of sleep and successfully manage your Sleep Apnea with a personal CPAP machine.

Our goal is to never let cost be an issue and with our Adelaide CPAP Hire options you (and your partner) can make chronic snoring a thing of the past – finally sleep well!

Our CPAP rental plans offer 12 month or 24 month payment options so you can sleep now, pay later!

Why rent a CPAP machine?

  • Payment options to suit your personal financial situation.
  • All our advice is available to you as part of our sleep study service.
  • We will help you test and try different masks to suit your personal preference.
  • All CPAP machines that are acquired via a hire or rental option come with a full warranty for peace of mind.

Call us today to get a CPAP machine at a great price, with rental and hire options available – 1300 633 063.